Air Conditioning

Controlled & Comfortable Air Conditioned Environments

Air ConditioningA comfortable temperature in your home or office is very desirable, especially in the UK where it usually seems either too warm or too cold. An air conditioning system is a great climate control solution providing both cooling and heating all year round. Modern air conditioning systems can be simply controlled and adjusted to suit your needs. Set the temperature you require and sit back, then change it whenever you wish.

These versatile systems can act as filters for dust and pollen, greatly improving air quality, and making life more bearable for allergy sufferers. Flies and other pests are discouraged from entering a space with air conditioning. Members of the household, customers or employees can experience a healthy, liveable environment.

Avoid Electronics Overheating

An effective air conditioning system can do more than you would imagine! Electrical equipment such as computers can overheat, whether it’s a home desktop or an office full of PC’s. These systems are a crucial component where server rooms are concerned, as malfunction isn’t an option.

Wooden furniture will also benefit from your installation, as it is protected from rot, mould and warping. Ever wonder why valuable items in museums are subject to strict temperature control? Furniture etc is preserved when humidity is lowered.

Extreme Temperature Health Risks

Did you know that extreme temperatures in the living environment can be damaging to your health? We have seen some extremely hot summers over the last few years, where shops have quickly sold out of portable fans. Many people suffer in these circumstances from things like heat exhaustion and dehydration. Bad circulation can also be a result of the body overheating. These conditions can be dangerous especially in the old or very young.

By the same token, the winters seem to have got colder, which can also bring health risks. In addition, cold can lead to the possibility of burst pipes, and increase the chance of damp problems.

Security & Reduced Noise

In the warmer months when homes become a little sticky and uncomfortable, opening windows and doors is a common solution. But this can result in a vulnerable property, and raised levels of theft and burglary. Have you ever been about to leave the house, or go up to bed then suddenly remembered you left a window open? Many robberies are carried out by opportunists who discover a left open window. Air conditioning installations cut out this particular risk.

The latest versions of air conditioning produce peaceful and relaxed surroundings in the home or at work. This is thanks to new developments within the industry placing air conditioning systems at the forefront of modern technology. Many units also have a designated quiet or silent mode, and less need to open windows means less noise pollution from outside.


Controlled & Comfortable Air Conditioned Environments, Avoid Electronics Overheating. Extreme Temperature Health Risks, Security & Reduced Noise