Affordable Homes for Walton-on-the-Naze

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Affordable homesWalton-on-the-Naze will see the arrival of 53 new affordable homes delivered by United Living Group and situated at Kirby Road. The construction will be overseen by Wheater’s Meadow, the Essex affordable housing scheme. The area to be transformed was originally a caravan park, and each eventual property will be available for social rent or shared ownership. The complete £8.4 million scheme is expected to be finished by 2024, and will provide Essex with wider housing options.

Regional managing director of Partner Construction, United Living New Homes, Frank Lincoln said; “We are incredibly pleased to have started building at Wheater’s Meadow, working closely with Flagship Homes to create much-needed new homes that residents will be proud to call home”.

Tony Tann, managing director with Flagship Homes, added: “We are delighted to have commenced construction on this site in Walton-on-the-Naze with United Living and Partner Construction. It is a beautiful area and these rented and shared ownership homes will be tremendous for the local community. “We are thrilled to see this development get underway and couldn’t be happier to work alongside Partner Construction on the development. It will provide a huge housing boost to the area and really shows our shared vision with everyone involved.”

During major projects like this, plant machinery is often hired by contractors, thanks to the convenience of having the exact equipment needed. Whether it’s mini excavators, dumpers, rollers or Bobcats you need Rhinos Plant Hire can help. They offer high quality, expertly maintained vehicles and machinery to cover every on-site need. You will also find a vast range of small plant, tools and equipment including cement mixers, power washers and electrical tools. Powered and non-powered access can also be hired, for ultimate safety while carrying out work at height. Contact Rhinos helpful team on 01277 372 626.


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Dumper Hire Braintree

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PlumbRhinosThe Punch Power 200 looks like an uninteresting box, yet has become known as a ‘magic money-saving machine’. It has already saved thousands of pounds worth of fuel for construction contractors. Initially developed by Flybrid for Formula 1 racing, this innovation is a flywheel energy storage module.

Using this technology boosts the efficiency of on-site generators, which have a reputation for inefficiency. This in turn drastically reduces the consumption of fuel, good news for contractors. This is in no small part due to the fact that diesel is set to double in price next April. Subsidised red diesel will no longer be an option for construction, and full duty payments will be required.

Flybrid’s technology ensures that less fuel is wasted whether it’s diesel, HVO, solar power or mains electricity. Construction site generators usually run at low load factors, despite being sized for peak loads. This means high emissions and poor fuel economy, but the Flybrid system delivers high power energy immediately during an increasing load step. A spinning tube captures the excess energy during a decreasing load step. This means smaller generators can be used thanks to Flybrid technology, a big advantage as the red diesel rebate is ending.

Managing Director at PUNCH Flybrid, Tobias Knichel, said “We believe that it will become more and more unacceptable to waste energy and it doesn’t really matter where that energy is coming from, whether it is fossil fuel or HVO or even energy coming from renewable sources. If you waste it, it is becoming more and more unacceptable”.

“Unfortunately for generators that are running on construction sites, often they are used quite dynamically and that means they waste energy. “When the driver stamps on the brakes it turns all of the kinetic energy into heat on the friction plates, and all that heat just gets lost. So that is a very inefficient way to use this really valuable fossil fuel.”

Rhinos Plant Hire source all of their hire equipment from reputable manufacturers, most of whom are making huge strides in renewable technology.


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Amazing Metal

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Metal OreAbout 25% of the Earth’s crust is composed of metal, and it is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Discovered and utilised by humans as far back as 9000BC, in the Chalcolithic period, the melting of copper first appeared in the Middle East. In 2500BC, gold, silver and their alloys were granulated. The Bronze Age began in 2000BC in the Far East, followed in 1500BC by the Iron Age [wrought iron] in the Middle East.

Metal of one type or another has moulded the way we live, as this versatile material has been incorporated into everything we do. The ability of metal to conduct electricity and heat well, has had a major effect on our lives within design and engineering. It forms many of the buildings and foundations that surround us from sheds to mega sky scrapers. It can be hammered, shaped, cut, melted, cast and fabricated in every way imaginable.

This unique material is found throughout the Earth, scattered unevenly and mixed with things like rock, sometimes containing oxygen etc. Greater concentrations are found underground in deposits of mineral ores that can be mined. Metal has an incomparable strength in comparison to most materials, and can be blended with other elements to produce a wide range of products. This includes cars, computers, bridges and factories and many other structures we need.

When metal ore is mined it is processed to extract the pure material, this involves crushing the ore until it is in powder form. This is then heated to extremely high temperatures, and is rinsed or placed in a chemical bath. Residual sludge is filtered, liquid is removed and electricity is applied to get rid of any chemical bonds. After this process the metal can be used for a vast amount of things small or large. It can even be used in fabrication and production of processing plants by specialists like Salford Engineering Solutions!


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Substantial Electricity Produced by Energy from Waste

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Plumbspares BrooksLast month, French waste management company Veolia announced that its portfolio of 10 energy from waste (EfW) plants generated almost twice as much electricity as UK wind power. This was discovered during a study back in July, conducted over a fourteen hour period. Nearly 25% more energy was produced by the facilities than from wind power, delivering 111 megawatts electrical (MWe), against the total wind generation of 58 MWe at one point. [Output power obtained as electricity is measured as MWe]. This offers some relief for this type of company in the light of criticism about the EfW process.

Criticism has been levelled at EfW by the Climate Change Committee, who have urged the government to address “rising emissions” from EfW plants. Veolia says it “already takes pressure off the stretched UK grid as a reliable and secure source of low carbon energy”, with its combined generating capacity of 180MWe.

Veolia states that as “the first operator in the UK” to achieve the R1 standard for its EfW plants, it’s facilities can process and transform into electricity, approx 2.3 million tonnes of non-recyclable waste serving over 400,000 homes.

“Each year these facilities reliably add to energy security by generating around 1.4 Terawatt-hour (TWh) of electricity through the treatment of non-recyclable waste. They have also shown their “key role in safely tackling Covid-related wastes by treating the 15% increase in orange bagged clinical and infectious materials”.

Chief operating officer for treatment at Veolia, Donald Macphail said: “Access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy is key to supporting communities and businesses, and is linked to fuel poverty and carbon emissions. To virtually eliminate waste and produce secure energy in its place is a win-win situation, generating green electricity and heat, reducing landfill, and achieving greater sustainability.”

Companies like Veolia rely on the services of processing plant engineers such as Brookshaw Stuart to ensure efficiency and reliability. This is only one of the areas that Brookshaw Stuart have expertise in, take a look at their many other services.


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Water in your Oil Tank?

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Home Heating OilThis can be a bit of an issue, and one of the first signs that water has infiltrated your tank is when your boiler starts playing up. It’s a good idea to act quickly if you suspect this has happened, as water in your oil tank can be damaging. Although people often believe that their fuel delivery was at fault, this is usually not the case. In fact condensation is typically responsible for this type of contamination. Oil can over time, draw moisture from the surrounding air, which causes water droplets to form on tank walls. Sometimes rain can get in through damaged vents, ill-fitting filler caps, loose inspection lids or corroded seals. It can also penetrate the tank walls where there are splits or weak spots.

Is water in your tank a problem?

Despite seeming a harmless substance, water can be extremely detrimental to your tank and heating system. If water builds up, it may enter your fuel line, compromising the burner components on your boiler. It can also freeze up in colder months, causing blockages to the fuel supply. Another problem caused by water ingress is corrosion in metal tanks, allowing the formation of sludge. This sludge can get pulled into the fuel line and result in a damaged boiler.

How to deal with the issue

On discovery of water in your oil tank, your best course of action would be to contact an OFTEC registered engineer. This is especially advised if you have more than an inch or two of water. If there is just a small quantity of water, you could try draining the water yourself via the sludge valve at the bottom of a metal tank. For plastic tanks, a hand pump may be an effective way to siphon off water. Even smaller amounts of water may be removed by inserting a chemically treated absorbent material to soak up the water. Dispose of this water carefully as it will be contaminated with oil. Find out more about home heating oil on the Wise Oil website.


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Why are Homes Still Being Built on Flood Plains?

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rhinos plant hireNew building regs are being called for by MPs due to the continued practice of homes being built on flood plains. The government is also being urged to ensure mandatory installation of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in new builds. The House of Commons public accounts reported that there is “a disconnect between the developers who financially benefit from new housing developments and those who face the consequences of it not being sustainable or insurable”.

The report praises the Environment Agency for achieving its target to protect 300,000 homes on time and budget, it states “However, Defra should recognise that with new build on the flood plains and increased vulnerability to existing properties from climate change, the net number of homes that are better protected is actually lower.” Defra [the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs], is the parent organisation of the Environment Agency.

There is a fear that building on flood plains could increase by up to 50% over the next 50 years. The MPs say: “Planning policy guidance notes should be strengthened to avoid new builds in areas prone to flooding wherever possible, but in any case, the environment agency should be involved in measures to mitigate the risks”. According to Meg Hiller MP and chair of the accounts committee, floods are becoming very frequent, especially as a consequence of climate change. She stated “The risks to our homes, businesses, national infrastructure, food supply and whole ecosystems are not even being properly monitored, much less strategically mitigated.”

The report recommends new homes should include flood protection features such as sealed floors, and raised electrical sockets and fuse boxes. Adequate insurance cover is also an issue in these areas, and councils agree that this needs to be addressed. If you have experienced flooding in Bexleyheath, you can hire a submersible pump, or choose from a vast range of equipment at Rhinos Plant Hire.



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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating can help keep floors and rooms warm. It can sit beneath pretty much any type of floor, including stone, tile, wood and carpet. The most cost effective to install is electric underfloor heating,

In an electric underfloor heating system, a series of electric wires or electric heating sheets are installed beneath or within your flooring. These are used to heat an area or a room, such as a cold, tiled bathroom floor. They’re usually placed on top of a layer of screed (to ensure the surface is completely flat) and a layer of floor insulation (to ensure the heat travels upwards rather than down).

To install electric underfloor heating most people choose to employ a professional company or trader. Professionals are best placed to recommend what system to install and how to prepare the floor. If you are a confident DIYer, you could feasibly install the electric heating sheets or cables yourself – but you’ll need a qualified electrician to connect your system to your electric mains supply and fit a sensor that connects to the thermostat.

The pros for underfloor heating is a modern and high-spec feature that allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during cold winter mornings. It can be an efficient way of heating a room as the heat rises slowly around the whole room, while radiators heat a more isolated area.

There are some cons for underfloor heating too. It can take longer to heat up than radiators, which work quickly to high temperatures. In some cases, such as with smaller systems, they won’t be able to totally supplement radiators. An underfloor heating system can be pricey to install maintain and run.

How much you pay for underfloor heating varies dramatically, depending on what type of underfloor heating you get, whether it will be installed in a new room or retrofitted to an existing room, and what your floor structure is like.

If this is not for you then have a wide range of radiators competitively priced.  See

The Benefits of Oil Boilers

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The problem with many old boilers is that as well as breaking down or heating your home inefficiently, they are environmentally unfriendly. This also means they are costing you more than you need to be paying in fuel bills! Oil boilers and central heating systems are becoming increasingly popular, partly due to the continued fall in the price of home heating oil.

The pros of oil fired boilers include :-

  • The benefit of attractively low cost heating oil allowing worry free home heating
  • Reliable, round the clock heating and hot water provided
  • New, modern oil condensing boilers are extremely affordable
  • You can use bio-diesel or recycled fuels for an environmentally friendly heating solution
  • Indoor or outdoor installation possible
  • Probability of even cheaper oil prices
  • Easy and automatic boiler fuelling
  • Oil boiler systems can be combined with green technologies such as solar thermal heating and solid fuel stoves
  • You can use any supplier to buy cheapest oil on offer
  • Has lower CO2 emissions than some other fuels

Cons consist of :-

  • A slightly more complicated installation process
  • A working chimney may be required to allow escape of exhaust gases
  • Initial cost is high, although this is often outweighed by long term savings
  • You may need a hot water tank if you don’t already have one

Before deciding to install any new heating system, you must ensure that your home is insulated to the highest degree. Even a highly efficient, cheap to run boiler will be no help if you are losing heat through your windows, doors, walls and roof.

You can buy a range of high quality home heating oil, gas oil, solid fuel, bottled gas, Derv and Fuel Additives online from specialists like Finlay Fuels, Northern Ireland. They also provide boiler servicing and have over 25 years experience in the industry and are renowned for their friendly customer service. Call them on 028 9752 8332.

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Affordable Homes on the Agenda

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Affordable starter homes are on the agenda in a big way throughout the UK, especially in London, with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledging to ‘raise the bar’ when it comes to new homes. According to figures, only 13% of new properties could be described as ‘affordable’ in 2016, and there are long term plans in place to ensure that this figure reaches 50%.

Ilford is one of the areas destined to experience a significant and hopefully positive change, partly thanks to the arrival of the new Crossrail programme. When completed, this major infrastructure project will provide ease of access to inner city London, for those living on the outskirts. The £14.8bn Crossrail railway line, due to open in 2018, will run between Reading and Shenfield in Essex through central London, and is to be named the Elizabeth line. There are hopes, once the line is fully functional, for benefits such as additional jobs, boosted economy and an enhanced living environment in places like Ilford. The Crossrail scheme has had a mixed reception, as some welcome the proposed changes, while others worry about rising house prices, and an influx of people possibly causing traffic congestion.

Schemes like Crossrail, are incorporated in the London Plan, which aims to improve and develop the economic, transport, environmental and social framework of Greater London by 2036. The plan and its policies, will guide decisions made with regard to applications for planning permission. There is a determination to ensure that processes are transparent and well scrutinised, so that the required amount of affordable housing is strictly adhered to. Financial details of proposals will be published on application, and any unexpected profits will be reinvested to produce more affordable homes.

There are of course still a number of smaller construction projects underway in and around areas like Ilford, being carried out by companies and individuals. Where budgets are limited, there is the option to hire heavy or small plant, rather than buying brand new machines. Rhino Plant Hire, offer a range of high performance plant for hire in Ilford, including diggers, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, bowsers and rollers. Their friendly team can advise on what may be required, and can be contacted on 01277 372 626.

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Warm and Safe Energy Efficient Boilers

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plumsparesIf you needed an ingrowing toenail operated on, chances are you wouldn’t want a car mechanic to do it! You would probably like a qualified expert to do the job, not an unreasonable requirement. When it comes to working on areas of the home, there are certain things that the enthusiastic DIYer will tackle with a fair amount of confidence. Insulating doors and windows, fitting locks, painting and decorating, are all tasks which the inexperienced homeowner can get away with performing competently [usually]. Some things are however best left to the experts, the most prominent of these being electricity, gas, heating and plumbing. If problems arise with any of these, it is normally best to avoid pitfalls or disasters by seeking professional help and advice.

Parts and Spares

At, we offer a wide range of spares for most makes of boiler, working closely with reputable manufacturers SARIgas, and stocking their boilers and spares. We supply parts and system controls for skilled tradesmen who cater to the domestic and commercial sector, and who demand superior quality products. Any time you have work done to your gas boiler it should only be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. This is a legal requirement and you should always check that your gas engineer is Gas Safe registered before any work is undertaken. The current legislation was introduced to ensure a safe and responsible service for everybody where gas is involved.

Energy Efficient Boilers

An alternative to gas boilers is the oil fuelled range of boilers, which run on home heating oil. These are becoming particularly popular with residents in Northern Ireland, who have been experiencing sustained low oil prices for a number of years. Many are taking the opportunity to stock up while the price is right, as there is no telling when the cost of the oil may soar. Finlay Fuels offer home heating oil at excellent prices, along with easy online ordering and a customer friendly delivery service. You can also purchase bottled gas from Finlay Fuels who are located in the County Down area.

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