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Inefficient Boiler Replacement Grant

If you have gas central heating, your boiler will account for around 60% of your home's CO2 emissions, according to the Energy Saving Trust. This makes boiler efficiency a key priority if you're looking to cut your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

In the Chancellor’s Pre-Budget Report of December 2009, he announced a boiler  scrappage scheme whereby 100,000 older boilers will be replaced by newer, more efficient ones. The boiler scrappage scheme is expected to cost £50 million. Grants worth up to £400 will be offered to 125,000 households using older, inefficient boilers. They will be replaced with new, energy-saving type boilers.

Old Gas Boilers Generate 1 Tonne of Co2 Per Year

The Energy Trust says that replacing an older boiler with a new, top-rated condensing boiler with a more advanced control system controls could cut household energy bills by 25%. This could translate to a saving of £235 a year in a family home. The boiler replacement scheme will apply to households using G-rated boilers, which are less than 70 per cent efficient. They must be replaced with a much more efficient A-rated boiler. Around 600,000 new condensing boilers are currently installed annually in the UK.
Gas boilers generate 60 per cent of the carbon emissions from an average gas-heated home. So the boiler replacement scheme could save well over 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per year from each involved in the boiler replacement scheme.

Advice on Installation & Maintenance of Boilers

Blane Judd, chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPHE), says that advice is needed as well as grant funding of the new boiler systems. He said that guidance is needed alongside incentive because "without issuing advice on the correct sizing of the boiler, installation of proper controls and the importance of regular maintenance to help reduce energy consumption, little will be achieved by simply replacing old boilers".

Tax Free Payments for Surplus Power Generation

The Pre-Budget Report also stated that householders with wind turbines or solar panels on their homes, who sell surplus power back into the grid, would receive an average of £900 a year, tax free, under the “feed-in tariff” scheme. This feed-in tariff is due to commence in April 2010.

Boiler Scrappage / Replacement Scheme. Cash Back Government Grant Funding Payments For Surplus Power


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