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The Benefits of Oil Boilers

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The problem with many old boilers is that as well as breaking down or heating your home inefficiently, they are environmentally unfriendly. This also means they are costing you more than you need to be paying in fuel bills! Oil boilers and central heating systems are becoming increasingly popular, partly due to the continued fall in the price of home heating oil.

The pros of oil fired boilers include :-

  • The benefit of attractively low cost heating oil allowing worry free home heating
  • Reliable, round the clock heating and hot water provided
  • New, modern oil condensing boilers are extremely affordable
  • You can use bio-diesel or recycled fuels for an environmentally friendly heating solution
  • Indoor or outdoor installation possible
  • Probability of even cheaper oil prices
  • Easy and automatic boiler fuelling
  • Oil boiler systems can be combined with green technologies such as solar thermal heating and solid fuel stoves
  • You can use any supplier to buy cheapest oil on offer
  • Has lower CO2 emissions than some other fuels

Cons consist of :-

  • A slightly more complicated installation process
  • A working chimney may be required to allow escape of exhaust gases
  • Initial cost is high, although this is often outweighed by long term savings
  • You may need a hot water tank if you don’t already have one

Before deciding to install any new heating system, you must ensure that your home is insulated to the highest degree. Even a highly efficient, cheap to run boiler will be no help if you are losing heat through your windows, doors, walls and roof.

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