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Affordable Homes on the Agenda

Affordable Homes & Construction in Ilford, Changes to Overall Infrastructure & Environment

Affordable starter homes are on the agenda in a big way throughout the UK, especially in London, with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledging to ‘raise the bar’ when it comes to new homes. According to figures, only 13% of new properties could be described as ‘affordable’ in 2016, and there are long term plans in place to ensure that this figure reaches 50%.

Ilford is one of the areas destined to experience a significant and hopefully positive change, partly thanks to the arrival of the new Crossrail programme. When completed, this major infrastructure project will provide ease of access to inner city London, for those living on the outskirts. The £14.8bn Crossrail railway line, due to open in 2018, will run between Reading and Shenfield in Essex through central London, and is to be named the Elizabeth line. There are hopes, once the line is fully functional, for benefits such as additional jobs, boosted economy and an enhanced living environment in places like Ilford. The Crossrail scheme has had a mixed reception, as some welcome the proposed changes, while others worry about rising house prices, and an influx of people possibly causing traffic congestion.

Schemes like Crossrail, are incorporated in the London Plan, which aims to improve and develop the economic, transport, environmental and social framework of Greater London by 2036. The plan and its policies, will guide decisions made with regard to applications for planning permission. There is a determination to ensure that processes are transparent and well scrutinised, so that the required amount of affordable housing is strictly adhered to. Financial details of proposals will be published on application, and any unexpected profits will be reinvested to produce more affordable homes.

There are of course still a number of smaller construction projects underway in and around areas like Ilford, being carried out by companies and individuals. Where budgets are limited, there is the option to hire heavy or small plant, rather than buying brand new machines. Rhino Plant Hire, offer a range of high performance plant for hire in Ilford, including diggers, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, bowsers and rollers. Their friendly team can advise on what may be required, and can be contacted on 01277 372 626.

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