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Warm and Safe Energy Efficient Boilers

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plumsparesIf you needed an ingrowing toenail operated on, chances are you wouldn’t want a car mechanic to do it! You would probably like a qualified expert to do the job, not an unreasonable requirement. When it comes to working on areas of the home, there are certain things that the enthusiastic DIYer will tackle with a fair amount of confidence. Insulating doors and windows, fitting locks, painting and decorating, are all tasks which the inexperienced homeowner can get away with performing competently [usually]. Some things are however best left to the experts, the most prominent of these being electricity, gas, heating and plumbing. If problems arise with any of these, it is normally best to avoid pitfalls or disasters by seeking professional help and advice.

Parts and Spares

At, we offer a wide range of spares for most makes of boiler, working closely with reputable manufacturers SARIgas, and stocking their boilers and spares. We supply parts and system controls for skilled tradesmen who cater to the domestic and commercial sector, and who demand superior quality products. Any time you have work done to your gas boiler it should only be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. This is a legal requirement and you should always check that your gas engineer is Gas Safe registered before any work is undertaken. The current legislation was introduced to ensure a safe and responsible service for everybody where gas is involved.

Energy Efficient Boilers

An alternative to gas boilers is the oil fuelled range of boilers, which run on home heating oil. These are becoming particularly popular with residents in Northern Ireland, who have been experiencing sustained low oil prices for a number of years. Many are taking the opportunity to stock up while the price is right, as there is no telling when the cost of the oil may soar. Finlay Fuels offer home heating oil at excellent prices, along with easy online ordering and a customer friendly delivery service. You can also purchase bottled gas from Finlay Fuels who are located in the County Down area.

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