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Home Heating Oil, Solid Fuels & Red Diesel in County Down

Plumbing & Heating Spares would like to launch our new blog with a piece about friends and marketing partners, Strangford Fuels, in Northern Ireland.

In a new article on the partner pages of our website, Strangford Fuels encourage customers to plan ahead for the winter. The cost of fuel throughout the UK continues to rise and it is a brave gambler who expects fuel prices to fall over the winter months.

Independent fuel distribution companies such as Strangford Fuels Ltd in County Down do everything they can to help. Strangford Fuels buy home heating oil, solid fuels and red diesel in bulk and pass on the savings to their customers. They offer an efficient delivery service to domestic and retail customers throughout County Down.

When it comes to solid fuels, Strangford Fuels provide choice. They have Anthracite, Phurnacite, Burnglow, and Blend smokeless fuels. They offer coal in Premium and Economy grades. 5 Star coal from Strangford Fuels burns hotter for longer and produces less ash while economy coal is an excellent everyday fuel. Solid fuels are available in 25kg and 50kg bags with a minimum 5 bag delivery to domestic customers and 20 bag delivery to retailers. Minimum delivery loads reduce transportation costs and keep prices down.

Strangford deliver home heating oil directly from their fuel depot in Downpatrick. Ordering in advance and keeping stocks topped up helps to maintain prices. No matter how much Strangford’s encourage home owners to plan ahead, there are inevitably times when some people run out. Because of this, Strangford Fuels also offer emergency home heating oil in 20 litre drums. Emergency home heating oil drums are available from retail outlets in Downpatrick, Crossgar, Strangford, Ardglass and Newcastle.

More information on all Strangford Fuel products and services can be found on the their website at